Celebrating Nexo-Incubated MetaQuants' Stellar Acquisition

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In the ever-evolving landscape of digital finance, few stories shine as brightly as the meteoric rise and recognition of MetaQuants – the innovative startup for AI-driven NFT valuation and trading tech – that Nexo incubated back in 2022. Today, as we at Nexo pause to celebrate their recent acquisition by Astaria, we can't help but feel a profound sense of pride in having recognized their potential even at the very beginning of their journey.

MetaQuants now stands with companies at the forefront of NFT technology, transforming the nascent space with its cutting-edge NFT pricing algorithm. Its MQ Terminal has not only set it apart in the industry but also solidified its reputation as a trailblazer. Unsurprisingly, the team behind Astaria recognized the immense potential brewing within MetaQuants, culminating in an acquisition that signifies a momentous step forward for both entities.

Justin Bram, Astaria’s CEO, eloquently stated:

We're thrilled to have MetaQuants join Astaria, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Their AI-driven NFT technology, incubated by Nexo, aligns seamlessly with our vision for the future of digital finance. Together, we will advance Web3 innovations, bringing unparalleled transparency and accuracy to the on-chain lending space.

MetaQuants is the best-in-class AI-driven technology provider for institutional-grade valuations, analytics, trading, and risk management of NFTs. Driven by its team’s conviction in the narrative of NFT financialization, its solutions focus on building the analytics infrastructure for the future of finance.

MetaQuants’ Backstory

Originating from a data science hackathon, organized by Nexo, MetaQuants is the first such project to be incubated by Nexo Ventures, Nexo’s $150 million Web3-focused investment fund, where Nexo provided a grant and strategic guidance to the team.

Nexo organized the data science hackathon, aiming to find a strong team and create a product that addressed a core problem for NFTs:

The key inefficiencies in the NFT market at the time were around valuation – beyond floor assets, the more unique specimens were hard to value. This made it difficult for rarer NFTs to be used as collateral for loans, and/or for trading decisions to be made, as investors were left uncertain whether they were overpaying or underpaying.

MetaQuants’ victory in resolving these issues for NFTs launched the symbiotic relationship with Nexo, arming the former with the resources and insights they needed to evolve their solutions into standalone products that now lead the market.

The Future Is Bright for Digital Finance

Fast forward a little more, and in less than 12 months, MetaQuants developed the best algorithm for NFT appraisals on the market. The culmination of their efforts resulted in the deal with Astaria.

Looking ahead, under Astaria, MetaQuants' solutions promise to bring unparalleled transparency, accuracy, and risk management to an industry characterized by its volatility. Their focus on developing institutional-grade appraisal and risk management tools for NFTs, in tandem with innovations like real-time collateral appraisal and wallet analytics, will undoubtedly redefine industry standards.

Seeing MetaQuants reach such a significant achievement brings immense joy and pride to the entire Nexo team. Here's to the future and to every pioneering venture out there that dares to dream and redefine boundaries.

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