ATOMic Yields & More: Cosmos’ ATOM Comes to Nexo

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Asset Updates

Nexo’s signature high yields, flexible loans, and optimized exchange are now available for every ATOM of your crypto portfolio since we’ve just added Cosmos to the list of available assets on our platform. Cosmos and its native coin ATOM have seen a flurry of interest and activity in the past months. As always, Nexo is here to cater to the communities' needs and interests, bringing you the tools you need to best manage your assets:

*The crypto rewards you receive depend on your Loyalty tier. The higher your tier, the more rewards you get. For example, Platinum users get 0.5% back.

With the initial launch, Nexo clients will only be able to add ATOM to their accounts by purchasing the asset through the Nexo Exchange. The Nexo Team is hard at work to bring you ATOM top-ups and withdrawals as soon as possible.

From Interstellar to Interchain

Our Cosmos integration is one small step for Nexo and a giant leap for man blockchain-kind. We believe the future of innovation in our industry relies on a multichain approach that Cosmos complements by going beyond bridging technologies between blockchains and developing an interchain communication protocol with serious implications for how we might go about operating with multiple chains in the near future. Hailed as the internet of blockchains, its interoperability and autonomy drive the collaborative attitude needed for the industry to flourish.

Cosmos has established itself as a stable and lucrative ground for advanced blockchain applications, with multiple successful projects already built through the Cosmos SDK including crypto household names like Osmosis, and coins like BNB. Following recent activity such as the Vega upgrade, the securing of strategic funding for the Persistence project, and the completion of the highly anticipated Gravity bridge, Cosmos isn’t showing signs of slowing down with further upgrades like THETA and Rho still in the pipelines.

Buy ATOM on Nexo

We took a page from Cosmos’ book, but instead of building bridges between blockchains, we present to you a seamless fiat-to-ATOM on-ramp: You can purchase Cosmos’ coin conveniently using your Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards. Alternatively, you can use an array of other cryptocurrencies and assets to convert into ATOM directly on the Nexo Exchange.

The currently available pairs are:


Yield. ATOM. 11%. ‘Nough Said

…Well, almost enough said, here’s a little more info: All you have to do to earn 11% interest p.a is buy ATOM using your card or other assets. You start earning instantly once the asset hits your account with interest payouts made daily. Your yield also depends on your Loyalty tier. Take a look at what you’ll be earning:

  • Platinum: Маximum rate – 11%. Standard rate – 8%.
  • Gold: Маximum rate – 9%. Standard rate – 7%.
  • Silver: Маximum rate – 7.75% Standard rate – 6.5%.
  • Base: Маximum rate – 7%. Standard rate – 6%.

How Do I Get the Maximum Rates?
Regardless of your Loyalty tier, you can always boost your interest rates on ATOM by putting it in a Fixed Term. For the Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers you can get even higher rates by opting to receive your interest in NEXO Tokens with Earn in NEXO. Having both Fixed Terms and Earn in NEXO enabled gives you the maximum rates for your respective tier.

Credit Backed by ATOM

Don’t want to be caught arriving at the Cosmos party a day late and a dollar short? In that case, Nexo’s Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ are a useful tool to have under your belt. If you’re ever looking to get leverage for your ATOM, or you need cash and don’t want to sell your crypto, you can do that on Nexo by opening a credit line.

Here are the specs on a standard Nexo credit line:

  • Interest rates starting from 0% when borrowing with an LTV of under 20%. That’s far better than your bank, isn’t it!
  • A permitted LTV of up to 33%
  • A minimum borrowing amount of just $50
  • No credit checks
  • No monthly repayments
  • No origination fees
  • Instantly settles in your account - from application to approval in 0 seconds

More information about the interest rates for Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ for the various Loyalty tiers is available here. You can view the standard interest rates for your relevant Loyalty tier here. However, if you are a Gold or Platinum client borrowing at an LTV under 20% you qualify for our low-cost and zero-cost rates, information about which can be found here.

The Nexo team is thrilled to be creating even more opportunities for the crypto community to engage with multichain solutions such as Cosmos and we’re looking forward to spurring on further growth for the entire blockchain ecosystem.

About Cosmos

Cosmos is an ever-expanding ecosystem of interconnected apps and services, built for a decentralized future. Built on top of the Tendermint BFT consensus engine, the Cosmos ecosystem is secured by its native token ATOM. Through its dedication to interoperability and autonomy over siloes and monopolies, collaboration and innovation over competition and status quo, Cosmos aims to create a unified system of millions of blockchain apps interconnected across one million sovereign blockchains, welcoming the community into a multichain future.

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