A New Yield Program Is Coming to Nexo’s Earn Interest Suite on December 1

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In order to reflect the current market dynamics and maintain a low-risk profile in the way we generate yield for you, we are introducing balance thresholds and integrating the Earn in NEXO bonus into our Loyalty Program. The changes will be coming into effect on December 1, 2021.

Public attitudes towards crypto have never been this positive, adoption is growing, and secure, compliant, and transparent businesses like Nexo are onboarding numerous institutions. At a moment when the US savings interest rate averages 0.06%, we are introducing this new yield program to accommodate the needs of a rapidly evolving market and with the goal of always offering you the highest possible yields.

Balance Thresholds: A New Nexo Loyalty Dimension

With our new balance thresholds your yield will be based on both your Loyalty level and the size of your BTC, XRP, and LINK holdings.

These updates will impact your yields only for the amount above the balance threshold in your current Loyalty level and they apply per each of these three assets, not your entire portfolio. There are no balance thresholds for the remaining assets in your Savings Wallet.

The table below will help you understand how your portfolio will generate yield from December 1 onwards.

Nexo's Earn Interest Rates, Effective Dec 1.

Due to changes аpplied, the exact interest rates, depending on the user’s Loyalty tier and bonuses applicable for fixed terms and/or earning in NEXO Tokens, are indicated on the Nexo platform.

Earn in NEXO x Loyalty Program

From December 1 onwards, the Earn in NEXO bonus will be part of Nexo’s Loyalty Program. This means that when you enable the option to receive your daily interest in NEXO Tokens, versus in kind, the bonus will be based on your loyalty level, as follows: Platinum (+2%), Gold (+1%), Silver (+0.25%), and Base (0%).

You will be able to see the amount of NEXO Tokens you need to upgrade to the next Loyalty Level at all times.

Why These Changes?

We at Nexo pride ourselves on a proven and tested business model. We offer a sustainable product that is fully independent of the distribution of free money and venture capital funding.

Our products are in constant evolution – the addition of balance thresholds creates even more utility for our native NEXO Token and strengthens the Earn Crypto Interest ecosystem by accommodating the needs of every client, regardless of the size of their portfolio.

The program is a fairer way of incentivizing clients with heftier portfolios to hold the NEXO Token and use its various utilities, i.e reduced borrowing rates, higher savings yields, and free monthly crypto withdrawals. Simultaneously, the new loyalty dimension allows customers with balances below each respective threshold to continue to take full advantage of our offering and its benefits.

Тhe Benefits of Earning With Nexo

With inflation surging, the importance of a diversified portfolio that includes a reliable source of passive income is critical. While rates are surely important in such an environment, earning with Nexo comes with a string of other benefits, including:

  • High yields: Keep earning up to 8% APR on cryptocurrencies and 12% APR on stablecoins with the new program.
  • Daily Payouts: Grow your wealth every day with the only platform that makes compounding daily payouts.
  • Transparency: Monitor the safety of your assets in real-time thanks to Nexo’s reserves attestation by Armanino.
  • Security: Have the peace of mind that your assets are safe with our insurance provided by top-tier custodians.
  • Flexible earnings: Boost your yield with Fixed Terms or withdraw your assets at any time (up to 5 free crypto withdrawals per month).

As mainstream adoption catches up with the industry and the market steadies, the crypto industry will also change to accommodate new users. For Nexo, offering higher rates to a diverse range of clients and portfolios aligns with our vision to guarantee inclusive financial services and to give an indisputable alternative to the inflation-ridden legacy financial system.

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