1INCH: A New Unicorn Token on Nexo

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1INCH: A New Unicorn Token on Nexo

1INCH is now available on the Nexo platform to buy, top up, swap, boost and borrow against with the Nexo Card.

One of our core principles at Nexo is to provide easy access to the cryptocurrency market, but equally important – to offer competitive rates for our clients when they buy and swap crypto. The 1Inch Network presents a DeFi solution to this with its 1INCH governance token serving as the native cryptocurrency of the platform. And with natural interest from Nexo in this space, we’re happy to introduce the 1INCH token on our Exchange.

1INCH is a relatively new crypto, launched in late 2020, but it’s shown great potential, backed by some serious numbers – the project has attracted close to $200M in funding from reputable names in the crypto space and 1M users, while passing $120B in exchange volume on the Ethereum network. Read on to learn more and what’s in for you.

  • Buy: Purchase 1INCH on Nexo and get it in your account in seconds. You’ll receive up to 0.5% in free crypto on each purchase and exchange transaction you make.*
  • Spend: Take maximum advantage of your 1INCH – spend its value with the Nexo Card without actually selling it.
  • Boost: Leverage 1INCH with the Nexo Booster and increase your buying power to get 3x more of it or any other crypto!
  • Top up: Transfer 1INCH to your Nexo wallet in a few simple steps.
  • Exchange: Swap 1INCH for other cryptos on the Nexo's crypto exchange hassle-free.
  • Borrow: Get a credit line with your 1Inch at rates starting from 0% APR.

*The amount of free crypto you receive depends on your Loyalty tier. The higher your tier, the more crypto you get. Ex. Platinum users get the full 0.5% of your original transaction in crypto rewards.

What’s the 1Inch Network Perspective?

In its lifespan, the 1Inch Network has managed to systematically evolve and currently features an impressive array of wallets it’s compatible with as well as bridging solutions, making it interoperable with other notable blockchains such as Polygon and Avalanche.

It’s our guess these efforts to build on from the project’s founding team have helped 1INCH position itself close to the Top 100 cryptocurrencies in market cap. The token’s all-time high value of over $7 was reached just months after its introduction. And with the market seemingly in cool-down mode currently, could this be the time to turn to 1Inch for a giant leap in your portfolio? It’s up to you and we’re here to make it possible.

Buy 1Inch on Nexo

1INCH can easily be purchased at Nexo and added to your account in seconds with Visa/Mastercard debit and credit cards. Those looking to swap crypto for 1INCH can log in to the Nexo Exchange, browse the available pairs and convert crypto to 1INCH.

Remember you’ve got The Nexo Booster in your inventory too – utilize it to leverage 1Inch and buy 3x more of it or other cryptocurrencies!The currently available 1INCH pairs are:

  • 1INCH/USDx
  • 1INCH/EURx
  • 1INCH/GBPx

Top up 1INCH and Use your Nexo Card

With 1INCH in your wallet you can enjoy purchases with the Nexo Card, while your holdings serve as collateral with rates as low as 0% APR. Open an Instant Crypto Credit Line™ in cash or stablecoins for your 1INCH holdings without selling. See the perks that come with it below.

With the Nexo Card you can enjoy the freedom your crypto portfolio brings. Simply utilize your digital assets as collateral to free up liquidity when you need it.

  • Interest rates starting from 0% when borrowing with an LTV of under 20%
  • A permitted LTV of 30% for 1Inch
  • A minimum borrowing amount of just $50
  • No credit checks
  • No monthly repayments
  • No origination fees
  • Instantly settles in your account – from application to approval in seconds

You can find the full information on Nexo’s Loyalty tiers and Instant Crypto Credit Lines™ interest here. See how you can benefit from 0% Borrowing rates here.

Boost 1INCH!
The Nexo Booster enables you to apply leverage and increase the buying power of your 1Inch tokens up to 3x! Boost any asset you wish to buy more of it or another cryptocurrency you want.

Nexo continues to add promising cryptocurrencies to the platform for you to explore and make the most of. Visit the Nexo Blog regularly and stay on top of all new listings and their features.

About 1Inch Network

The 1Inch Network and its native token are the brainchild of veteran software developers Sergej Kunz and Anton Bukov, and their team. The protocol functions as a decentralized exchange aggregator, scanning exchanges to deliver the best rates for traders across 160+ liquidity sources on various blockchains.

1Inch Network employs a non-custodial model, meaning all exchanges occur within a single transaction from the user’s wallet on the supported blockchains. The 1Inch token also serves to enable governance and voting as per the project's decentralized autonomous organization model. The 1Inch Liquidity protocol and Limit Order protocol are developed to cater for both liquidity providers and individual market participants respectively.

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