­čÄÖEpisode #19: Gaming Wars? Web3 v. Big Tech

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For Episode #19 of the Social Block, we ventured back into the space of Web3 gaming to complete our quest to learn its value. Our guide was Can Picak, CEO and Co-founder of DIGA Labs and popular Web3 game development company ÔÇô┬áEldarune.

Episode #19: Gaming Wars? Web3 v. Big Tech

Can and Magy teamed up to complete the following quests together (just kidding, they just talked about these topics):

­čžę Why interoperability is a vital feature for Web3 games.

­čÄ« How gaming will be a profession in the future far more than it already is now.

­čç╣­čçĚ The crypto scene in Turkey.

­čĆÖ´ŞĆ Is Big Tech moving into Web3, and if so, how ­čžÉ?┬á

ÔĆ│ Will the Bitcoin halving affect the Web3 gaming sector in the long term?┬á

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Wishing you a happy and insightful journey into the world of tech and blockchain.

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