­čÄÖ´ŞĆEpisode #16: Zero Knowledge & the Future of Trust

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If you have zero knowledge about zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs), this episode is for you.

For this session, Social Block host Magy made it her prerogative to learn more about ZKPs, exploring what they are from a technical standpoint, as well as their use cases. To help her, she had ZKM.ioÔÇÖs Pavel Sinelnikov who specializes in the development of zkMIPs solutions, and took the time to unpack the complexity of a technology that is finding crucial application in the blockchain space.

Episode #16: Zero Knowledge & the Future of Trust

In this episode, Magy and Pavel started with a breakdown of ZKPs as a technology, and then moved on to its applications and more philosophical questions:

ÔŁôDid you know zero-knowledge proofs can be used for more than just privacy? (Magy didnÔÇÖt).

­čĄöCan zero-knowledge proofs prove anything?

­čś▒Types of zero-knowledge proofs ÔÇô i.e. interactive vs. non-interactive, zkSTARKs, zkSNARKs.

­čžęUse cases for ZKPs specifically for blockchain ÔÇô think Layer 2s, batching, rollups, and lower gas fees.

­č¬ÉHow zero-knowledge proofs can change the concept of trust in the future.

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