Nexo Launches $150 Million Web3-Focused Investment Fund, Nexo Ventures

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LONDON, March 23, 2022Nexo, the leading regulated institution for digital assets, today announced the launch of Nexo Ventures, its in-house Web3-focused investment and acquisition fund. Nexo Ventures is committed to accelerating the development and adoption of blockchain technology and will invest $150 million in long-term commitments in a wide range of early-stage retail and institutional projects synergetic to Nexo’s core businesses.

Nexo Ventures will focus on five key areas for investment:

  • Web3
  • DeFi Innovation
  • Metaverse, NFTs & GameFi
  • Payments & Trading Infrastructure
  • Compliance Solutions

Nexo Ventures will be led by Tatiana Metodieva, CFA, Nexo Head of Corporate Finance and Investments.

“At Nexo, we believe that blockchain technology will transform the way we connect and use financial services,” said Tatiana Metodieva, CFA. “Our mission is to elevate entrepreneurs who help push the crypto revolution forward. Nexo Ventures aims to drive the continued adoption of digital assets and the expansion of the Web3 ecosystem.”

“Also, our investment value proposition differs from most traditional investment funds. We’re native to and have a deep understanding of the digital asset industry and technology. We prioritize strategic investments and aim to integrate innovative solutions into Nexo’s product ecosystem and across our global market footprint. We explore the feasibility of enabling Nexo’s users to invest alongside us, thereby leveraging our capabilities to facilitate investor diversification and wealth maximization.”

What distinguishes Nexo Ventures:

  • Born from the digital asset ecosystem
  • Access to wide in-house FinTech expertise and development resources
  • Integration with Nexo’s core products and services for optimal business model deployment
  • Extensive marketing and community support
  • Liquidity provision for partnering protocols

Nexo’s investment team, leading up to the launch of Nexo Ventures, has made key investments in the following digital asset ecosystem projects, among others: 1inch, BCB Group, BlockFills, Bware Labs, Interlay, Mizar, Rain, Texture Capital, The TIE, and Yield Protocol.

To learn more and to apply for funding, visit

About Nexo Ventures

Nexo Ventures is the in-house Web3-focused venture capital investment arm of Nexo, the world’s leading regulated digital assets institution. Nexo Ventures makes long-term strategic investments in a wide range of early-stage retail and institutional projects synergetic to Nexo’s core businesses. Areas of focus include Web3; DeFi innovation; Metaverse, NFTs & GameFi; payment & trading infrastructure; and compliance solutions for more effective regulatory alignment. Visit to learn more.

About Nexo

Nexo is the world’s leading regulated digital assets institution. The company’s mission is to maximize the value and utility of cryptocurrencies by offering an Exchange service with 300+ market pairs, tax-efficient Instant Crypto Credit Lines™, a high-yield Earn Crypto Interest suite, and sophisticated trading and OTC capabilities, while providing the top-tier custodial insurance and military-grade security of the Nexo platform. Nexo has processed $75+ billion for 3,500,000+ users across more than 200 jurisdictions. Visit to learn more.

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