Our Crypto Market Integrity Coalition Membership

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An industry leader in the blockchain ecosystem, Nexo is not only committed to developing best-in-class products but also to cultivating a safe and fair space for the future financial services we are pioneering. As such, we are proud to have been selected as one of the new members of the Crypto Market Integrity Coalition (CMIC). In the current membership cohort, Nexo joins the ranks of Robinhood Markets, Gemini, ten other signatories, as well as existing CMIC signatories Coinbase and Circle.

Launched in February 2022 by 17 co-founding companies in the blockchain industry, CMIC now boasts 30 signatories. The coalition’s prime commitment is improving the integrity of the digital asset market and propelling dialogue between industry leaders regarding insights, research, and engagement with regulators. CMIC is also looking into data-sharing and shared-surveillance frameworks to facilitate security in the growing DeFi space and overcome the unique cross-market supervision challenges it brings.

We believe that a truly fair and ethical crypto market is born out of the efforts of its participants, especially established enterprises like Nexo. Our involvement with CMIC stands for this notion alongside our longstanding track record for proactive conversations with regulators globally, stringent platform security procedures, and extensive commitment to KYC and AML processes.

We’re delighted to welcome such industry leaders to CMIC, furthering its reach, impact and expertise, and its ability to accelerate integrity, adoption, facilitate dialogue with regulators and share insights. Crypto’s immense potential to continually enable more accessible, transparent and efficient financial services depends on the ability to improve integrity and address the public and regulators’ concerns, and that can only be achieved by working as an industry.

- Asaf Meir, Founder and Chief Executive of Solidus Labs which initiated CMIC noted of the newly initiated coalition members.

The Nexo team is thrilled to be a part of CMIC and join like-minded industry members committed to advancing market integrity through the coalition. A united front is key to achieving impeccable results, especially in the vital field of security.

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