🎙️Episode #20: DeFi Points Farming & Stuff

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Wondering what all the buzz about DeFi points farming is about? Us too. In Episode #20, we dial into the heart of one of DeFi's currently much-contended trends, exploring how points aren't just digital tallies but pivotal opportunities for loyalty and reward. 

Join Dan from Pendle – the permissionless yield-trading protocol – and Magy as they pinpoint (pun intended 😎) exactly how these mechanisms are reshaping the landscape of digital finance.

Episode #20: DeFi Points Farming & Stuff

Dan and Magy trudged through the thicket of current DeFi trends and new ways to operate in the ecosystem, covering: 

⛓️ Yield tokenization and trading! How Pendle creates new investment opportunities by separating a token into two parts – its principal and its yield.

🌟 Why DeFi’s points’ trends are essentially a tool for rewards based on user loyalty.

🎯 A behind-the-scenes on The Hunt for $12M in NEXO Tokens – Nexo’s own take on points. 

🎁 What can points be redeemed for beyond airdrops?

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