Nexo’s Partnership with Chainstack & What It Means for You

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At Nexo, our mission to seamlessly utilize the power of the dynamic blockchain landscape is fueled by our commitment to innovation and excellence. It is this drive that led us to our strategic partnership with Chainstack, a frontrunner in providing the robust blockchain infrastructure that is the cornerstone of Nexo’s mission.

Leveraging Chainstack’s advanced technology, we've achieved unparalleled service reliability and scalability, as well as significantly cut our operational expenses and amplified our service delivery, marking a notable leap in efficiency and client satisfaction.

What the Partnership Brings to Nexo

By adopting Chainstack’s infrastructure, we've managed to process an astounding volume of transactions across various blockchains, maintaining high performance without sacrificing speed or flexibility. This strategic move has not only streamlined our costs but has also reinforced our resolve to provide the most secure and efficient Web3 solutions to our customers.

The fundamentals for Nexo from the partnership are:

  • 5X+ Cost Reduction: Achieved through Chainstack’s Elastic Business data profile. This drastically lowers debug and trace expenses for Nexo.
  • 8+ Elastic Chainstack Nodes: Deployed across multiple blockchains for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Millions of Transactions, Multiple Blockchains: We handled millions of requests on Avalanche, BNB Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon (1.2M on Avalanche, 104.6M on BNB, 38M on Ethereum, 128.9M on Polygon).
  • Massive Request Handling: Processed 232.3M archive and 40.4M full node requests, effectively amping up Nexo’s scalability.

If you want more details, read the full case study on Nexo’s work with Chainstack.

Read Case Study

What This Means for Nexo Clients

Our journey with Chainstack has not only been about enhancing our backend operations but also about bringing tangible benefits to our users. By reducing operational costs, we've been able to pass on the savings to our customers, offering them competitive rates and better services. Our ability to process a vast number of transactions efficiently means faster, more reliable services for everyone who uses Nexo for their digital assets.

We pride ourselves on delivering quality services at scale, a commitment made possible through our partnership with Chainstack, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the digital assets revolution.

What is Chainstack?

Chainstack is the limitless Web3 development stack to build applications for every scale, powering applications in DeFi, NFT, gaming, analytics, and everything in between.

From startups to large enterprises, Chainstack enables thousands of companies to cut down the time to market, costs and risks associated with creating and scaling decentralized applications. By offering fast, reliable, and easy-to-use infrastructure solutions distributed globally, we make sure innovators can focus on what’s important.

Chainstack provides unified access to multi-chain node and data APIs, distributed compute and storage, and the ever-expanding list of services and tools to build amazing applications across all prominent Web3 protocols. Our enterprise-grade platform has intuitive developer experience, battle-tested reliability, predictable pricing, and outstanding customer support.

Partnering with Nexo has been an extraordinary journey. Their dedication to enhancing the digital finance landscape aligns perfectly with our mission to provide innovators with the best blockchain services out there. Together, we're paving the way for a future where Web3 is within everyone's reach.

- Eugene Aseev, CTO & Co-Founder, Chainstack

Our journey with Chainstack is a testament to what can be achieved when technology meets vision. As we continue to explore new frontiers in the digital assets landscape, our partnership stands as a beacon of innovation, efficiency, and security. Together, we are not just participating in the DeFi revolution; we are leading it, ensuring that Nexo remains synonymous with excellence.

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