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Buy and sell 70+ assets and trade perpetuals from an intuitive interface.

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Stay Ahead оf the Market

Explore a variety of ways to navigate the crypto landscape, each offering its own advantages.

Exchange Crypto

Buy and sell digital assets with just a tap.

  • Get up to 0.5% crypto cashback per transaction.
  • Choose from 500+ market pairs.
  • Exchange at true cost.

Set Your Desired Price with Target Price Swap

Buy and sell assets automatically once your price is reached.

  • Earn interest оn your assets while you wait for your orders to execute.
  • Your order will be executed in full at the exact Target Price you’ve set.
  • Open multiple buy and sell orders to optimize your trading.

Go Long or Short with Futures

Gain exposure to a diverse range of assets including the most trending ones.

  • Expand your trading strategy with perpetual futures contracts.
  • Trade with up to 50x leverage using your USDT as collateral.
  • Automate your trading with trigger orders and never miss an opportunity.

Buy Up to 3x More Crypto with the Booster

Borrow against your existing portfolio to grow your position.

  • Save time by automatically borrowing and buying in one go.
  • Get up to 0.50% crypto cashback per Boost.
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Get Exclusive Real-Time Analytics

Make informed decisions and navigate the market with confidence.

  • Track whale alerts, on-chain activity, market sentiment, and more.
  • Available to Platinum Tier users.

70+ Assets Just a Swap Away

Buy and sell a growing number of digital assets and stablecoins.

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Enhanced Execution

Our Smart Routing System connects you to multiple liquidity providers to help you optimize your orders.

How the Nexo Exchange Works

Exchange intuitively – whatever your experience level.
Tap on the Exchange button on the main Dashboard.
Choose from Swap, Target Price Swap, Futures, Booster, and Crypto Bundles.
Select assets and enter the amount.
You’re all set!

Fundamentals-First Approach

Insurance on custodial assets by
SOC 2 Type 2 certification

Sustainable Model

Our proven real-time risk engine and strict collateralization requirements ensure we generate earnings in a sustainable way.

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Custodial Insurance

All digital assets benefit from insurance from our custody partners, such as Ledger Vault and Fireblocks.

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