Create a Fixed Term and get $10,000 in NEXO Tokens

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Limited Offers

How long will the promo last?

This limited-time promo will be available only from Monday, Dec 4, at 00:00 UTC to Sunday, Dec 31, 2023, at 23:59 UTC.

What should I do to get a reward?

Create a single or multiple Fixed Terms of any duration with a cumulative amount of at least $1,000 to enter our $30,000 prize pool. For example, if a user moves $500 in BTC to a 1-month Fixed Term and $500 in NEXO Tokens to a 12-month Fixed Term, they will qualify for the random draw.

The rewards will be distributed among 20 randomly picked winners according to the following tiers:

  • 🥇 reward - $10,000 in NEXO Tokens
  • 🥈 reward - $5,000 in NEXO Tokens
  • 🥉 reward - $3,000 in NEXO Tokens
  • 7 participants get $1,000 in NEXO Tokens
  • 10 participants get $500 in NEXO Tokens

Do I get more entries if I move more than $1,000 in a Fixed Term?

Yes, each $1,000 worth of assets moved in a Fixed Term equals one entry into the random draw. For example, if a user moves $10,000 in a 1-month Fixed Term, they will have 10 entries in the random draw. That means that the more assets you move in a Fixed Term, the greater your chance to win a reward.

Can I participate in the promo if I already hold assets on Nexo?

Yes, the promo is available to all users who have an account on Nexo regardless of their portfolio balance. There is also no requirement to add more assets to your account if you already have enough to create a $1,000 Fixed Term.

What if the value of my crypto goes below the required amount once I move it in a term?

As long as the amount you move in a Fixed Term is more than or equal to $1,000 at the time you initiate the action, you’ll be eligible to enter the random draw.

Would my active Fixed Terms be taken into account?

Only Fixed Terms created or extended with Automatic Renewal after Dec 4 will be considered eligible.

When will I get my reward?

If you are one of the winners from the random draw, you will get your reward by Jan 15, 2024.

The rewards will be paid out in NEXO Tokens and will land in your Savings Wallet immediately, meaning you'll start earning up to 12% annual interest on top of them right away.

How do I create a Fixed Term?
Open the Nexo app and navigate to the Savings Hub. Tap Create Fixed Term and choose your desired asset. Tap on Period and select the Fixed Term you prefer. Enter the desired amount, tap on Preview Term, and confirm it.

How can I get the maximum interest rate for each asset?
The highest rates are accessible to Platinum Tier clients, whose portfolio balance comprises at least 10% NEXO Tokens compared to the rest of the holdings. In addition, you need to choose to earn your interest in NEXO Tokens and keep your assets in one of the available Fixed Term options. The longer the duration of the Fixed Term, the higher the interest rate.

Pro tip: Secure the 16% crypto interest by opting for a 3-month Fixed Term on your USDT and maintaining a Platinum Tier. If you're looking to earn on your EUR, GBP, and USD stablecoins, their 12-month Fixed Term and Platinum Tier will bring you a 15% annual interest.

What happens after the Fixed Term ends?
Upon expiration of the Fixed Term, your assets will be automatically moved to a FLEX Term. If you want to continue earning at higher rates, you can enable Automatic Renewal before the term ends.

The full general terms and conditions of the promo can be found here.

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