Grow the Interest on Your Savings in a Few Easy Steps

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The earn rates provided in this article might be outdated. Please refer to our Earn page for the most up-to-date rates.

Learn how to earn up to 8% APY on your cryptocurrencies and as much as 12% APY on your stablecoins*

With savings interest rates hovering around or below zero, it is becoming increasingly challenging to supplement your passive income. To counteract this trend, Nexo introduced Earn in NEXO: a complementary feature of the Earn on Crypto suite that allows users to maximize the yield on their cash and digital assets by receiving their interest payout in our native NEXO Token.

The Earn in NEXO opt-in applies to all supported assets on the platform and makes it possible to earn an additional 2% APY on them, bringing the maximum interest rates for the Earn suite to 8% for cryptocurrencies and 12% for stablecoins.

Quick Note: All tokens used for interest payouts in NEXO will be sourced from the open market and therefore will NOT impact the circulating supply.

Without further ado, here are the steps you need to follow to start earning interest in NEXO:

1. Create your account at or log into your existing one at

2. Click on “My Profile” → Select the “Settings” tab → Go to “Savings Interest Preferences

3. Select “Interest payout in NEXO Tokens” to collect interest in NEXO Tokens and earn 2% more on your savings

4. The option is now enabled and your interest will automatically be paid into your Savings Wallet

Please be aware that to start earning the extra 2% APY interest, you must go through a one-off Identity Verification KYC process. If you have not yet completed Identity Verification, you will be prompted to do so.

Earn in NEXO is designed to complement the NEXO staking bonus which incentivizes holding onto your tokens for optimal rates, so please also note that your interest rate is determined by the ratio of NEXO Tokens against the balance of the other assets in your Savings Wallet.

To earn the highest interest rates for Earn on Crypto – i.e. 8% on cryptocurrencies and 12% on stablecoins – you need to stake NEXO Tokens worth 10% of the total asset value in your Savings Wallet. In case you don’t hold at least 10% of your assets in NEXO, you will still be eligible for the premium Earn in NEXO rates, but will instead earn 7% on crypto and 10% on stablecoins.

As a complementary feature to the NEXO Token’s existing utilities, Earn in NEXO amplifies our native token’s tokenomics, dubbed Nexonomics. In addition to bringing premium rates to your high-yield Savings Wallet, NEXO allows you to borrow at the lowest interest rate of only 5.9% APR, earn at a higher rate, and receive dividends, as Nexo distributes 30% of its net profits to token holders. Nexo consistently adds new utilities to its native token to maximize the benefits for both clients and the business, providing a unique investment that combines the best of traditional finance and blockchain technology.

You can easily buy tokens from the Nexo platform or from the 15+ exchanges NEXO is listed on.

#tokenUp and stay ahead,

The Nexo Team

*Note: Please be aware that due to regulatory restrictions Earn in NEXO is not currently available to US clients.


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