NEXO + USDT = Trading Pair

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New Features

As a result of Nexo’s long-term collaboration with Huobi and our commitment to providing the community with an even broader and better offering, the NEXO Token and USDT are now an official trading pair on the Huobi Global exchange.

What You Need to Know

  • The NEXO/USDT pair is now available on Huobi.
  • The pair was listed on Thursday, September 3, 2020 at 03:00 UTC.
  • The highly anticipated trading option opens a quick and convenient on-ramp from stablecoins to NEXO Tokens.

More NEXO Means Higher Yields and Better Bonuses!

Making it easier to get NEXO Tokens provides a convenient and quick way for you to qualify for NEXO Staking Bonuses. By holding our native tokens in your accounts you can receive:

For those interested in making use of this freshly minted trading pair, simply visit Huobi Global.

We, along with our partners at Huobi, are thrilled to once again boost the freedom and flexibility of your trading experience. We wish you all the best with your investments. Happy trading!

About Huobi

As a world-leading company in blockchain industry, Huobi Group was founded in 2013 with a mission to making breakthroughs in core blockchain technology and the integration of blockchain technology and other industries. Huobi Group has expanded into public chain, digital assets trading and wallet, mining pool, proprietary investment, incubation, Digital Asset Research etc., established a global digital economy industry ecosystem, by investing in over 60 upstream and downstream companies in the blockchain industry and formed an overall global digital economy ecology.Huobi has over 1,300 employees globally. The Huobi team is dedicated to providing safe, professional, trustworthy, and world class services to its global clients across 170+ countries.

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