🎬 What’s New In May: The NEXO Hunt & More

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Welcome to your monthly recap! May has unveiled the thrilling NEXO Hunt, a new Referral Program, and more – let’s dive in.

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The Hunt for $13M+ in NEXO Tokens 

“The celebration for our sixth birthday is on, with a massive Nexonomics-inspired airdrop campaign. You can join and grab your share of over 13 million dollars* in NEXO Tokens by completing simple actions in your Nexo app until July 7th. “

“To start, go to the in-app Reward Center. Select the NEXO Hunt and opt in for your participation. Now, you are greeted by the three key aspects of the Nexo Hunt: the total points you collect for your actions, which can be redeemed for NEXO Tokens at the end of the campaign; your current multipliers, which allow you to collect points faster; and the list of actions that earn you points.“

“The Loyalty Multiplier can double all future points you will collect. You can maximize the benefits of the Loyalty Multiplier by holding enough NEXO Tokens in your account to qualify for Platinum Loyalty Tier. Haven’t funded your Nexo account yet? Top up for the first time during the NEXO Hunt to receive an additional 5 times more points. The best time to join the Nexo Hunt is now. You can view examples of how points can be collected in our blog post.“ 

New Referral Program 

“Our new Referral Program is now live with bigger rewards for you and your friends. There’s now a one-time Bitcoin reward when you invite a friend who creates and funds their account. As your friend exchanges and borrows, you can get additional bonuses paid out in Bitcoin. The maximum reward for one successful invite is $180 in Bitcoin.“ 

“There’s no limit on your rewards so invite as many people as you’d like. You can start by sharing your referral link available in your Nexo app or web platform. Don’t forget to remind your friends that they also receive Bitcoin rewards along with other benefits on Nexo.“ 

More Improvements 

“In May, we expanded support for bank transfers to 200 jurisdictions. That means more Nexo users can enjoy seamless account top-ups using USD, Euro and British Pounds. Here are the steps to do it.“

“From the app dashboard, tap the “Top Up” button. Select the bank transfer option and a currency. Copy the information, paste it into your third-party banking app, and confirm the transfer. Your funds should arrive soon in your account* and you can exchange or earn interest on them.“ 

“Another recent update was the launch of our new Crypto Bundle - Market Leaders. It allows you to buy the 10 cryptocurrencies with the highest market capitalization, listed on Nexo, with a single tap. It’s a quick and easy way to gain exposure to the most popular digital assets.“

Stay tuned for our next episode of 'What's New', where we'll continue to share the latest product developments and innovations at Nexo.

*The equivalent USD value of the campaign pool of 10,000,000 NEXO Tokens is indicative, based on the market price as of June 17, 2024. Please be aware that the market price of the NEXO Token may differ on the claim date. 

Product limitations may apply in certain jurisdictions. 

Citizens or residents of the USA, UK, and Canada are not eligible to participate in the NEXO Hunt campaign. 

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