Celebrating Six Years of Nexo: A Journey of Innovation and Value Generation

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April 30, 2024 marks a significant milestone in Nexo's journey – our sixth anniversary. Since 2018, we've been dedicated to generating value, driven by our firm commitment to #BUIDL, empower, and grow alongside our community. Let's delve into six highlights that showcase Nexo’s evolution and impact.

Pioneering Crypto-Backed Loans and the Nexo Card

In 2018, we introduced the world's first crypto-backed loans, revolutionizing the financial landscape. Building on this innovation, we redid everyday spending with the groundbreaking Nexo Card. With over $8B in total credit issued, we've demonstrated how easy it is to unlock the potential of your digital assets without passing ownership. The Nexo Card, with its array of supported assets and innovative features like Debit Mode, is the ultimate payment companion.

$800 Million+ Paid Out in Interest

Since 2019, Nexo has paid out over $800M in interest, transcending its origins as a crypto lending platform. Millions of users have benefited from Nexo's Earn Interest feature, launched five years ago, experiencing seamless wealth generation. And this is just the beginning of our journey towards empowering financial freedom for all.

Easy Crypto Trading with 650+ Pairs on the Nexo Exchange

Since 2018, Nexo has been at the forefront of navigating the crypto evolution. Our built-in Exchange, coupled with its Smart Routing System, offers access to the best rates across leading exchanges worldwide and aggregated liquidity across venues for unmatched order execution. With 650+ tradeable crypto pairs, including Futures trading, the Nexo Exchange simplifies global trading, complemented by straightforward tax reporting through our partnership with Koinly.

7 Million+ Nexonians Worldwide

We're proud that our community has surpassed 7 million Nexonians worldwide, with numbers continually on the rise. As part of our global outreach, we're embarking on a mission to put #Bitcoin in every smartphone with our Bitcoin emoji petition. This movement, underscores our commitment to democratizing access to wealth-building opportunities. Join us in this monumental movement at bitcoinemoji.org.

A Team of 600+ Extraordinary Individuals

Behind every success story lies a team of dedicated individuals, and at Nexo, we're privileged to have over 600 extraordinary minds driving our vision forward. Our diverse team is united in our mission to put wealth generation and flexibility at your fingertips. A place like no other is built by folks like no other – this is our story.

Crafting the Future Together

As we celebrate our past achievements, our focus remains steadfast on the future. But the most extraordinary part of our journey remains our community - you. Nexo's sixth anniversary is not just a celebration of our past accomplishments but a testament to our work towards innovation, empowerment, and community growth. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey. Here's to many more years of building a brighter financial future together!


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