Buy Crypto with Card: The Newer, Faster Way to Invest

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New Features

One of the biggest hurdles holding people back from getting into crypto is how to conveniently and quickly purchase it. As always, the Nexo team put their minds to solving this problem. The result is today’s release: the option to buy 18 different cryptocurrencies directly with your card on the Nexo Exchange.

Check out Buy Crypto with Card:

  • Visa & Mastercard: We accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.
  • Instant execution: Upon making a purchase, your digital assets are instantly available to your Nexo account.
  • How: You can purchase crypto with your credit or debit card through the “Buy” tab in the web and app version of the Nexo Exchange.
  • Eligibility: All Nexo users with Identity Verification can use our Buy Crypto with Card feature. The direct buy functionality is not available to US citizens at the moment.
  • Transactions: The minimum transaction limit is $50 and the maximum is $5000. You can buy up to $10,000 of assets per month.
  • Fixed Prices: No price fluctuations, the price you see at checkout is what you pay.
  • Currency: The available settlement currencies are USD, EUR and GBP but you can pay with a card in any currency. Once you select Credit/Debit card as your payment method, select your desired settlement currency via the “Pay with” option.

Quick Tip: Remember that your valid Visa or Mastercard must have the same legal names as the ones on your Nexo account for your purchases to be processed.

Settlement Currencies Explained

You can use any fiat currency to buy crypto with your card however, if this currency is different from USD, GBP, and EUR, the funds you’re paying with will be converted into one of our three available settlement currencies (USD, GBP, EUR). The conversion fee will be charged by your bank and will depend on their exchange rates. When buying crypto with your card, you can select the settlement currency that is best for you.

Card Details & Privacy

Your card details are securely processed via a third-party provider. As such, Nexo does not save any card details and we will require you to enter your details every time you use your card to buy crypto.

Withdrawing Funds to Your Bank Account

Have in mind that buying crypto with a credit or debit card is a separate feature from moving your funds to your bank account. Withdrawals to cards are not supported on Nexo. Should you wish to withdraw crypto or fiat currencies, you will need to request it via the Withdrawal screen of the desired asset in your Nexo Account.

What About Fees?

The fee for each card purchase is 1.49% for EU countries, and 3.49% for non-EU countries. When paying with a card, you will be able to see the exact processing fee you’ll be charged on the final Order Confirmation page before you complete each purchase. The amount shown on the Order Confirmation page is what you will be charged for the transaction; there are no further hidden fees to worry about.

Note: Your card issuer may charge additional fees for online card purchases and currency conversion. These fees are independent of Nexo’s fee and are outside our control.


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