New Look, New Features – It’s the Nexo App 2.0

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New Features

With Nexo, you can manage your funds anytime, anywhere through our impeccable app. But just like all our other products, our mobile interface is constantly being upgraded and today we’re happy to introduce you to the freshly revamped Nexo app, featuring an improved user experience and numerous new functionalities.

Update the Nexo app on your phone to start using the new and improved version.

While your app updates, take a quick scroll through all the improvements we've made:

New Dashboard!

The first thing you’ll notice is that your dashboard has been revamped. We’ve also made a brand new “How It Works” walkthrough for our products.

Mobile-Friendly Referrals

You’ll now be able to access the Nexo Referral program through our app, making it easier to invite friends and earn rewards.

Exchange Upgrades

New “Buy”, “Sell” and “Swap” tabs in the mobile version of the Nexo Exchange will help you initiate trades twice as fast. Additionally, since many users requested this feature, you’ll now be able to see the rate for both sides of each trading pair ( i.e. the flip rate).

Showcase Mode

Since managing your finances on the go is often a privacy and security concern, we’re introducing the option to hide all your balances so that you can access our services safely wherever you are.

Hide Zero Balances

To make it easier to filter the assets in your portfolio, we’ve created the option to hide zero balance assets in the Nexo platform.

More Upgrades

Alongside the new features we’ve created for the Nexo app, we also added a few smaller improvements that will make your experience all the more seamless and efficient:

  • Hide Marketing Banners: You can now choose to hide marketing content for your wallet permanently.
  • Registration: The onboarding process and account registration have been revamped for a smoother flow.
  • Transaction Filters: View your transactions for a specific asset in just two clicks by tapping the “Transaction History” button directly under each currency in your wallet.
  • Improved Visualization: Wallet long addresses, bank details, and top-up requirements have a cleaner look.
  • Haptic Feedback & Native Gestures: And finally, we’ve added a better feel to our interface, making it more natural and easier to use.

We are extremely excited to bring you so many new functionalities in one go. We hope you enjoy using them as much as our team enjoyed creating them for you.


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