🎬 What’s New In June: Markets Section Revamp & More

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New Features

June brings exciting updates, including a revamped Markets section and a new feature to supercharge your earnings – let’s dive in.

Can't watch the video? Check out the transcript below to catch up in your own time 👇.

In-Depth Market & Portfolio Data

"All the important market data you need is now in the same place where you manage your crypto - the Nexo app. This new analytics hub is located in the revamped Markets section. 

"For starters, you can now keep track of your total profit and loss for each asset. See the dots on the chart? Those are the prices at which you’ve bought or sold, serving as a reminder of your trading history."

"Curious about what other traders are doing? Right below the chart, you can see if other Nexo clients are mostly buying or selling the asset on the Nexo Exchange. "

"All these are building upon the Real-Time Analytics we launched in May. As a reminder, this exclusive Platinum Tier benefit offers a treasure trove of data. You can now track the sentiment on X, view the current network gas fees, and monitor on-chain data for activity and ownership. There are also whale alerts for massive on-chain movements you can now receive in your Nexo app."

 "This massive upgrade aims to help you make informed decisions about your portfolio and always keep you up-to-date with the crypto market."

Renew Fixed Term with Interest

“Next, let’s talk about supercharging your earnings. With our new feature, your accrued in-kind interest is automatically added to your Fixed Term upon Automatic Renewal, instead of being paid out in your FLEX balance. This means compounding and higher returns over time."

"To enable the feature. simply go to Settings on the Nexo app. Tap "Savings Interest Preferences," and enable "Renewal with Interest. Remember, this feature only works if you’ve enabled Automatic Renewal and have opted to earn in-kind interest. "

"You’re now set for an optimal long-term passive income strategy. Enjoy earning more for longer!“ 

Stay tuned for our next episode of 'What's New', where we'll continue to share the latest product developments and innovations at Nexo.

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