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The earn rates provided in this article might be outdated. Please refer to our Earn page for the most up-to-date rates.

We have always had your crypto’s best interest at heart. To highlight just how literally we mean this, our Earn on Crypto rates are now up to 166% HIGHER than any crypto lender’s and across all crypto assets supported on our platform.

Our industry-leading yields of up to 8% on cryptocurrencies, paid out daily, by far outshine the second highest rates even on popular currencies BTC and ETH, ballparking at 7.2%, and on XRP – at a low 5.7%. The same applies to the remainder of the crypto assets we carry: LTC, XLM, BCH, EOS, LINK, BNB, TRX, where maximum rates are just 3% with some lenders and do not exceed 6.8%, if they support these currencies at all.

For the “big two”, Bitcoin and Ethereum, this translates to yields up to 78% higher than those of competitors, and for XRP, LTC, BNB and LINK — a whopping up to 166% higher.

To give you a better idea of what Nexo’s lead in interest rates looks like, the below graph and table visualize our yields against the rest of the industry.*

Nexo yield rates аnd yield rate differences as compared with the lowest and second highest rates among crypto lenders

As noted above, for some cryptocurrencies such as Tron’s TRX and Binance’s BNB, Nexo is either the only lender or among the very few to even provide an interest-bearing account, highlighting just how comprehensive our Earn suite is, as well as how dedicated we are to expanding our reach in the blockchain space.

How Does Nexo Provide and Sustain Such High Yields?

We are able to bring you top rates thanks to our robust business model, reflected in our Nexonomics series of upgrades centered on NEXO’s tokenomics and aimed at sustainably boosting our business, your wealth, and our native token’s utility and value.

Over the last two weeks, Nexonomics has brought you Earn UP – an overall 1% bump in the base interest rates for all crypto – along with the Earn in NEXO opt-in, which brings you an extra 2% yield on your assets. Last week also saw the addition of BNB to our Earn suite with industry-best yields, which expanded our client base even further. The most recently announced Nexonomics release – our new Loyalty program – goes live on December 9, 2020.

The impact of this initiative on our community is already evident from the rising price of the NEXO Token since its launch, as well as our persistently growing loan book.

To learn more about Nexonomics and hear about the next set of releases, make sure you follow the Nexonomics page or #Nexonomics and #tokenUp on Twitter.

* Data in this article was valid as of November 12, 2020 and comprises crypto lenders’ rates only, as collected by the Nexo Research Team.

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