Earn on Crypto Welcomes High-Yield Fixed Terms Option

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The fixed term rates provided in this article might be outdated. Please refer to our Earn page for the most up-to-date rates.

Bitcoin has evolved from being the pioneer of blockchain technology to an indisputable store of value. Storing Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, however, is an investment choice in and of itself, with HODLing becoming more and more popular as a strategy in the crypto space.

In order to provide an even more stable and sustainable source of passive income to our 1+ million clients, we are introducing Fixed Terms as an option to earn on your assets for a pre-selected term and enjoy our highest rates.

What Are Fixed Terms?

The new Fixed Terms functionality allows you to earn our highest savings yields – 8% on crypto and 12% on USDx, EURx and GBPx – if you choose to create a term for 1 and 3 months, respectively. The exact fixed-term yields you earn depend on whether you receive your interest in kind or in NEXO Tokens, as well as on your Loyalty tier.

Our former Earn offering across crypto and stablecoins, which lets you withdraw funds at any time and brings you a unique daily payout, is now called FLEX Terms.

Below are our updated Earn on Crypto terms:

Nexo's Earn on Crypto Rates
Nexo's Earn on USDx, EURx, GBPx Rates

How Do Fixed Terms Work?

When you choose to create a Fixed Term, your interest compounds daily, like with our FLEX Terms. As for the payout, you will receive all your interest earned for the duration of the term in a single payout at the end of the period.

Below is an illustrative example of how your Bitcoin Savings Wallet would look when you simultaneously use our FLEX and Fixed Terms:

What Are the Benefits of Fixed Terms?

As the crypto space becomes increasingly long term-focused, there is a pressing need for financial products that guarantee a stable stream of income. Our Fixed Terms provide just that, along with:

  • Diversification
    Combine Fixed Terms’ stable, high-yield returns for your mid- and long-term goals with FLEX Terms’ daily interest payouts and flexibility to withdraw funds at any time.
  • Flexible HODLing
    You can have 10 simultaneous Fixed Terms per asset, which means you never miss an opportunity to buy and add more assets to your Nexo account to earn our highest yields.
  • Extended Yield
    By enabling “Automatic Renewal” you can effortlessly roll over your initial Fixed Terms balance for an additional period of one or three months.
  • Industry-leading Rates
    Our Fixed Terms savings yields far outshine those of traditional banks and crypto lenders that offer interest-bearing accounts. Thus, we ensure you get the most bang for your buck.

Fixed Terms balances must be held to the end of the fixed term. They are protected against liquidation while the term lasts and cannot be used as collateral or loan repayments during the term.

Why Fixed Terms?

With the majority of our clients – at 72% – claiming they are planning to HODL their digital assets for three or more years in a recent survey, there is increasing evidence that the crypto space is evolving towards a more mature, long term-focused industry.

By our very nature, we are an enabler of this strategy because we allow you to not only keep your cryptocurrencies but also earn high-yield passive income and take out a credit line against them without selling. In doing so, you keep the upside potential of your assets, you generate additional income, and you can finance any purchase that requires access to fiat currencies.

It is with the goal to better prepare you and our business for the long haul that we are launching Fixed Terms. Such products are needed to collectively boost the liquidity and stability of the more than $5B in assets that we manage for you. Longer-term investments ensure the stability of the entire market. By entrusting your assets to us and our top-tier custodians, you are ensuring the resilience of your portfolio and helping us build the bank of the future.

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