Global Blockchain Ecosystem to Evolve with Nexo's Recent Membership in INATBA

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February 1, 2024 – Nexo, the leading digital assets institution, is proud to announce its membership in the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA). This strategic alliance marks a major advancement in Nexo's commitment to shaping the blockchain landscape, leveraging INATBA's established ties with key public sectors in finance and regulation. This collaboration will enable Nexo to actively engage and contribute to critical areas such as regulatory compliance and education.

INATBA, renowned for its pivotal role in facilitating connections between the public sector and the blockchain ecosystem, offers a unique platform that bridges the gap between private tech companies and regulatory bodies. Through collaboration, thought leadership, and direct engagement with policymakers, INATBA actively fosters the responsible growth of blockchain technology and its regulation.

Nexo is set to actively participate in INATBA's working groups and advisory bodies, focusing on key sectors such as finance, legal and regulatory compliance, and education with a specific focus on tax, AML, and the EU’s MiCA framework. By contributing their extensive industry expertise, the two organizations will assist the public sector in shaping policies that promote innovation while ensuring the security and privacy of blockchain users.

As an INATBA member, Nexo joins the ranks of IBM, Deutsche Börse AG, Binance, and many other industry giants, all poised to actively participate in the development of blockchain solutions that prioritize transparency, user trust, and regulatory compliance. This membership is a testament to Nexo's dedication to integrating and developing cutting-edge technology combined with robust legal frameworks.

"We are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Nexo as the newest member of the INATBA community! Nexo's unwavering commitment to innovative fintech solutions underpinning blockchain technology, perfectly aligns with INATBA's mission to encourage collaboration and spearhead the global adoption of blockchain. The wealth of expertise Nexo brings is set to enhance our already diverse ecosystem, and we eagerly anticipate a productive collaboration in shaping the future of the blockchain industry, one block at a time, commented Ricardo Simoes, INATBA Executive Director"

“In the face of our growing industry, we felt the need for a partner to assist us in lending a powerful voice to the blockchain space to shape the standards for legal and regulatory compliance – a feat INATBA shines, given its recent impact on crypto-assets regulation in Europe, including direct involvement in definitions within the Markets in Crypto Asset Regulation (MiCA) and Transfer of Funds Regulation (TOFR),” said Bianca Veleva, Head of Legal and Regulatory Compliance at Nexo.

Joining INATBA is a significant milestone for Nexo. The institution eagerly anticipates a future of fruitful collaborations and innovative breakthroughs within the INATBA community, setting new benchmarks for the blockchain industry.

About Nexo

Nexo is the world’s leading digital assets institution. The company’s mission is to maximize the value and utility of digital assets by offering a comprehensive suite of products that include advanced trading solutions for retail and institutional clients, aggregation of liquidity from leading venues, and flexible asset-backed credit lines. In 2022, the enterprise launched its investment arm Nexo Ventures, which now boasts over 60 portfolio companies. Nexo has processed $130+ billion for 6,000,000+ satisfied users across more than 200 jurisdictions.

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Launched in 2019 by the European Commission, the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA) is a highly influential advocate for Blockchain and DLT adoption in Europe and globally. Renowned for its credibility with regulatory authorities and policymakers, INATBA contributes significantly to various projects and initiatives. To learn more, visit

Media Contact for INATBA

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