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Meet the World's First Dual Mode Crypto Card

Switch Modes.
Reward Your Spending.

Get up to 2% cashback per purchase with credit.

Earn up to 9% interest
per year, paid out daily.

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The days of carrying multiple cards are over. With the Nexo Card, you can experience two modes in one sleek package.

Just tggle between Credit and Debit Mode at any time and spend your way.

How It Works

Credit Mode
Debit Mode

Spend without Selling Your Crypto

With Nexo, your deposited crypto instantly becomes backup for your credit line. The more you deposit, the more you can borrow against.

You Keep Your Crypto

Even as you make card purchases, your crypto won't be sold, thus retaining its upside potential.

Spend Your EUR, GBP, or USD

Bank transfers to your Nexo account are processed instantly¹, which means you can spend your funds right away.

Make Purchases Anywhere

Spend just like you would with any debit card accepted worldwide. You can pay locally with automatic foreign currency exchange and no fees.

Get Up to 2% Cashback + Daily Interest

Receive free crypto with every purchase you make.


Get up to 0.5% in BTC cashback.


Or change your cashback type to NEXO to get even more.

You will also be earning daily interest on assets that are not used as backup.

Nexo Card
You received $7.52 🎉 in cashback on your purchase at WHOLE FOODS.
You earned $2.33 🎁 in daily compound interest.

Earn Up to 9% Interest

Earn daily compound interest as you spend on the go.

Up to 7%

Grow your balance and have more for your next purchase.

Up to 9%

Or receive your interest in NEXO Tokens that can grow in value over time.

Nexo Card
You earned $5.30 🎁 in daily compound interest.

Credit Line Starting from 0% Interest

Credit Mode offers you rates starting from 0% and never exceeding 15.9% p.a. You can also repay at any time, unlike traditional credit cards that require you to deposit funds every month.

  • Nexo Card from 0% p.a.1

  • Traditional Credit Card from 17.9% p.a.

  • Traditional Credit Card up to 34.9% p.a.

One Account for Everything

The days of managing separate accounts are behind you. Now you can spend and earn without sacrificing either, as you would with traditional debit cards.

  • Nexo

    a single all-in-one account

  • Traditional Financial Institutions

    2 accounts to spend and earn.

Optimize Your Tax Liabilities

Credit Mode allows you to spend without selling your crypto, which doesn't trigger a taxable event.

Optimize Your Spending

Debit Mode allows you to earn additional income on your monthly salary or savings while having them available to spend.

No Minimum Repayments & No Fees

Yes, you read that right. We don't require you to make any minimum monthly repayments on your Nexo Card! There are also no monthly, annual, or inactivity fees to worry about.

Nexo credit card

Go Virtual & Spend Immediately

Don’t want to wait for your physical card to arrive? Simply activate your virtual Nexo Card with a single tap and start spending with your phone instantly.

  • Apple Pay logo
  • Google Pay logo

Travel & Earn

Love to Travel? Of Course, You Do!

Pay like a local and earn rewards with the ultimate travel crypto card.

  • 100M+


    Accepted by over 100 million merchants across the globe.

  • €10,000

    No FX fees

    Save on foreign transaction fees for up to €10,000 per month.

  • 5 Free

    ATM withdrawals

    Get up to 5 free ATM withdrawals every month.

  • €10,000

    ATM limit

    A generous monthly ATM withdrawal limit of up to €10,000.


Spend with Peace of Mind

Manage your Nexo Card in real time with just a few taps.

  • Freeze your card if you lose it.

  • Change your PIN at any time.

  • Transactions icon

    Track transactions with instant notifications.

Learn more about Nexo's approach to security

How To Get Your Card

Issuing your Nexo Card only takes a couple of seconds and is free of charge.

  1. 1

    Open the Nexo app

    Download the Nexo app, open it and then go to the Card tab.

  2. 2

    Activate your crypto card

    Tap on the Activate Card button to issue your virtual card in seconds.

  3. 3

    Add to Apple Pay or Google Pay

    Select Add to Wallet and follow the on-screen instructions. You can now start spending via Apple Pay or Google Pay!

Learn More
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Open the app and go the Card tab Activate Nexo card Add Nexo Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay


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Earn Crypto on Every Purchase

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