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Giving you the highly demanded tokens on the market is a primary goal for us. With stablecoins, it’s important you have the most reputable, collateralized offerings. There are not many more that tick these boxes than the third largest stablecoin by market cap — Binance’s BUSD.

Holding your stablecoins on Nexo comes with many advantages. There’s something for those looking to get the highest interest rates, for the “borrow-to-buy-more” type of investor, and the day-trader. Read on to see how you can earn 12% APR on your BUSD, get a credit line against it at 0% APR and trade BUSD pairs with a 50% discount on fees.

How to Get BUSD on Nexo?

After you’ve created your account on Nexo, there are two options to get BUSD in your stable.

  • Buy
    To get fresh tokens to your Savings Wallet in the fastest way possible, use your debit or credit card. Alternatively, you can top up USD, EUR, or GBP via bank transfer and swap your fiat for crypto. Both purchasing and swapping will get you up to 0.5% back in rewards.
  • Top Up
    You’ve got BUSD on an external wallet, but you want to earn interest or simply do more with it? Transfer it directly to your secure Nexo address. Remember that top-ups and withdrawals are supported only through the ERC-20 network.

Once you do any of those, you can instantly start earning, borrowing, and more.

How to Earn 12% Interest on BUSD?

Holding stablecoins that are designed not to fluctuate in price while earning interest on them is an amazing opportunity for HODLers. It’s a strategy that can help you protect the value of your investments in times of high inflation. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as it can get — you add BUSD to your Nexo wallet, and start earning interest. How much depends on the amount of NEXO Tokens you have in your wallet — 10% gets you to Platinum.

  • Platinum: 10%; on Earn in NEXO: 12%
  • Gold: 9%; on Earn in NEXO: 10%
  • Silver: 8.25%; on Earn in NEXO: 8.50%
  • Base: 8%; on Earn in NEXO: 8%

Important: BUSD is an asset with a balance limit for the Earn Crypto Interest product. This means that for each Loyalty tier, there are two yields you can earn on BUSD. The rate you receive is determined by the USD value of your holdings (balance), specifically whether you are above or below the relevant threshold:

  • Base: $0 to $100K – a FLEX rate of 8%; over $100K – a FLEX rate of 4%.
  • Silver: $0 to $500K – a FLEX rate of 8.25%; over $500K – a FLEX rate of 4.25%.
  • Gold: $0 to $1M – a FLEX Rate of 9%; over $1M – a FLEX rate of 5%.
  • Platinum: $0 to $4M – a FLEX rate of 10%; over $4M – a FLEX rate of 6%.

How to Borrow Against Your BUSD Without Selling It?

Your BUSD can also be used to get an Instant Crypto Credit Line to borrow cash or stablecoins. This option comes in handy whenever you need alternative liquidity to fund a purchase (i.e., more crypto). Here are the benefits of the Instant Crypto Credit Lines.

  • You don’t sell your BUSD.
  • Interest rates start from 0%. This applies when borrowing with an LTV of under 20% and being on Platinum loyalty tier.
  • LTV of 70% for BUSD. This means you can borrow up to 70% of the value of your BUSD ($1000 in BUSD put as collateral can get you $700 in USD).
  • A minimum borrowing amount of just $50.
  • No credit checks. No monthly repayments. No origination fees.
  • From application to approval in seconds.

Another way to get an Instant Crypto Credit Line is to order a Nexo Card*. Our crypto Mastercard allows you to spend on daily purchases without selling your BUSD. The card is free and pays up to 2% in instant crypto rewards. There’s easy Apple & Google Pay integration, so you can start spending right after you get your virtual cards.

Trade BUSD Pairs With 50% Discount on Fees

Nexo Pro is our brand-new platform where you can trade on the spot and futures markets at the best possible prices, and currently, with a 50% discount on fees. You’ve got aggregated liquidity, charts, 5x margin, automated strategies, limit, stop loss and take profit orders. Everything is there once you get your BUSD on the platform. It’s free, instant, and easy.

  1. Log in to Nexo Pro using your existing Nexo account.
  2. Click on “Deposit” to transfer crypto from your Nexo account to Nexo Pro.
  3. Trade crypto on Nexo Pro.
  4. Move funds in and out of Nexo Pro as often as you like with no fees.

If you prefer to simply swap your BUSD for another crypto, you can use the Nexo Exchange. The beginner-friendly exchange requires just a few clicks to complete your swap and pays out up to 0.5% back in rewards per transaction. Here are some crypto and pairs you can find on both exchanges:

  • and over 30 more..

Why Add BUSD to Your Portfolio?

Because of their non-volatile nature, stablecoins could be the “safety net” in your portfolio. Experienced investors often exchange a portion of their volatile holdings for stablecoins when they expect drastic movements in the market. Stablecoins like BUSD, have a large trading volume and are found in many pairs, so exchanging them is easy.

BUSD can also be considered “dry powder” thanks to its high liquidity. You can view stablecoins as the cash reserve in your portfolio. As such, you could keep some for the good days of the bull run when they can be used to acquire assets that are up for big gains.

Now that you know the advantages of holding BUSD on Nexo and its role in portfolio management, you’re ready to benefit. Simply create your Nexo account and get started.

Disclaimer: Nexo Earn Product is not available for citizens or residents of certain jurisdictions, including where restrictions may apply, such as the United States, Bulgaria, and Estonia.
*Currently, only citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) can order a Nexo Card.

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