Dispatch #104: Aggregated Liquidity for All. By Nexo Pro

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Dispatch #104: Aggregated Liquidity for All. By Nexo Pro

In this patch of your weekly Dispatch:

  • Nexo unveils a revolutionary trading platform
  • Institutions just keep coming
  • Are games the next big thing for adoption?

The Big Idea

A New Pro Trading Experience For You

Tl;dr: liquidity from 3,000 order books for everyone in a single account via Nexo Pro. We source the best quote from 10+ exchanges, so traders don’t have to.

At Nexo, we’re never going to be content resting on our laurels, and will always strive to provide more for our customers. With that in mind, we’re thrilled to launch a new trading platform we’re calling Nexo Pro.

Another exchange you might say? Not really. Nexo Pro is not an exchange. We used the past few tumultuous months in crypto to create a first-of-its-kind trading platform and cement our position as a 360-degree gateway to crypto finance and all its marvels.

In short, Nexo Pro brings sophisticated, professional-grade tools to individual traders. These are the tools that allow large institutions to thrive, but which by and large have so far been denied to retail traders. We tested them as part of Nexo Prime – our institutional-focused prime brokerage product.

From efficient access to aggregated spot and futures liquidity from the 10+ biggest crypto trading venues to short- and long-margin trading to out-of-the-box strategies such as built in TWAP orders, trading with Nexo Pro is a game changer.

Best of all, this product is now available for all our users and everyone else globally with an up to 50% discount on standard fees.In the months to come, we’ll extend trading benefits and new incentives for all existing and future NEXO Token holders as well to bring you extraordinary value!

The Latest In…

US CBDC Skepticism

An interesting twist on the CBDC discussion front. The United States has always seemed somewhat less convinced that they need to dive head first into a digital dollar – a position that makes some sense given the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency. However, that slowness seems to be turning into a growing skepticism in general. Congressional Republicans this week sent Federal Reserve Vice Chair and head of the digital dollar initiative at the Fed Lael Brainard a letter demanding answers around her previous statements on CBDCs. Powell also talked about the need for any digital dollar to be privacy preserving.

The Latest In…


It may be crypto winter, but that doesn’t mean big financial institutions aren’t positioning themselves for the future. Over here at Nexo Prime – where we tried and tested the underlying features that are now available for retail on Nexo Pro – we're working on developing even more sophisticated products for our institutional clients. In other stories, Franklin Templeton, the financial giant with more than $1.3T in assets under management, announced two new digital asset offerings. Hedge fund giant Brevan Howard also revealed details about its massive new billion-dollar crypto fund.

The Latest In…

The Global Crypto Scene

  • Even though Rishi Sunak, the former UK Chancellor who declared his country would become a crypto hub, has lost his battle to become prime minister, that crypto hub goal apparently remains.
  • Crypto in Brazil is heating up. For the first time, in July, Brazil exceeded 1,000,000 registered crypto users – a jump of 68% in just a month. In total, 1.33M Brazillians bought crypto.
  • While Russia banned digital payments earlier this summer, a new report suggests that the nation is exploring stablecoin settlement with some of its remaining allies.

The Week’s Most Interesting Data Story

Gaming to Lead the Next Bull Run?

It’s quite natural that, during a protracted crypto bear market, people start to speculate about what the next catalyst for a bull run might be. One of the big themes that many are discussing is crypto and blockchain-based gaming. Interestingly enough, there is some data to suggest that, by some metrics, gaming is already one of the biggest pathways to blockchain adoption. According to DappRadar, for the last couple months, gaming has reflected 57% (July) and 51% (August) of Unique Active Wallets, around double the percentage represented by DeFi. And that’s in a world where the crypto gaming options are extremely limited and nascent. Imagine what happens as a new wave of AAA game producers starts releasing their crypto-aligned titles?

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What to Watch for Next Week:

  • Can Bitcoin beat the September curse?
  • Will US inflation have eased in August as well?
  • Will the ETH Merge go off without a hitch?

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